User and Organization Management

When you create an account with AppOptics, we create an Organization for you behind the scenes. You are the designated organization owner and automatically added as a team member. During the on-boarding process you have the option to add more team members. We support two user roles:

  • Admin: Aside from having access to all features and functions of AppOptics, administrators can add and remove team members and manage billing information.
  • Member: Members have access to all features and functionality of the app but cannot manage team mates or billing.

Users can have access to one or more organizations and can have either of the roles in each organization.


Note for Librato customers: If you already have a Librato login you can use it for AppOptics as well. Any admin on an AppOptics org can invite you to the organization; you can then just use your Librato credentials to log in. Keep in mind that you will NOT be able to use your Librato login to create a new organization. Once the new organization is created you can invite your own Librato account and then log in with your Librato credentials. Please contact support if you have issues signing up.

You can learn more about migrating from Librato in this article.

API Tokens are used to authenticate metrics when they are submitted to our API or if API requests are made to retrieve data. They are tied to the organization. There is no limit to how many tokens you can create. Depending on what you need the token for you can create it with a specific role, namely:

  • Full Access
  • Record Only
  • View Only

For more information on tokens please read API Tokens and Token Roles