AppOptics Pricing

AppOptics has elastic pricing that tracks the number of hosts being monitored and the number of custom metrics being published to that platform. A brief overview is available on our pricing page, which is the best place to start. This article describes in more detail how hosts and metrics are defined and tracked for billing purposes.

Per-host Pricing

There are two tiers of host monitoring in AppOptics: Infrastructure and APM. The distinction is determined by the agents running on a host: a host agent qualifies for Infrastructure Host pricing, while an APM agent counts as an APM host.

Note that host counts are determined based on the data being submitted during a given hour, not an account-level setting, so you can mix-and-match types as needed to monitor your environment.

A host is an instance of an operating system being observed by one of our agents. Containers are not billed separately in AppOptics; for more information, see Monitoring Containers.

Infrastructure Hosts

  • A host running the AppOptics Host Agent, but without APM installed.
  • Pricing
    • Monthly: $9/host/month
    • Annual: $90/host/year
  • Additional metrics

APM Hosts

  • A host with an APM agent installed (host agent or CloudWatch monitoring included).
  • Pricing
    • Monthly: $23/host/month
    • Annual: $240/host/year
  • Additional metrics
    • A set of APM metrics reported by our APM agents are included in this price.
    • Default system metrics from our Host Agent are included in the price.
    • 400 additional custom metrics / host included.
  • If an APM host stops reporting APM metrics (i.e. APM agent removed or disabled), it will be considered a Infrastructure Host from that point forward.

Custom Metrics

AppOptics provides a versatile analytics and dashboarding platform that’s fed by metrics. Metrics which come out-of-the-box from the host and APM agents are included in per-host costs.

Custom metrics are metrics which are not included in host agent allowances. These metrics could be published by host agent plugins, posted to the REST API, or could be CloudWatch metrics from AWS Services.

Each host license includes a number of custom metrics; additional usage is billed as metric packs.


  • A custom metric is defined as a metric name + unique set of tags reporting data.
  • Metrics can be published at any resolution and are rolled up according to a standard schedule over time:
    • raw resolution for 2 days
    • 1 minute resolution for 8 days
    • 15 minute resolution for 31 days
    • 1 hour resolution for 18 months
  • The allotment of custom metrics provided by the host licensing is pooled across the organization.
    • Example: if you have 3 Infrastructure hosts, which include up to 600 custom metrics, one host can consume 300 while the other host consumes 50, while 250 come from API posts.

Metric Packs

  • Custom metric packs will be billed automatically when your average # of metrics over the month exceeds the allocated 200/400 metrics per host.
  • Pricing: 100 metric pack costs $7/month

Custom Metrics Only (No Agents)

  • If you are not running any agents, you can still publish metrics to AppOptics.
  • If you submit only custom metrics, you will be charged for the number of metric packs equivalent to your usage.
    • Example: if you sent 1,695 metrics for the entire month, you would be charged for 17 x 100-metric packs @ $7.00 = $119/month.

Billing and Payment

AppOptics provides both annual and monthly plans. Annual plans allow a lower cost in exchange for a pre-arranged commitment on minimum host usage; monthly plans offer complete flexibility and are billed based on usage only.

  • Host counts are determined on an hourly basis as the distinct number of hosts observed during the hour.
  • Usage is based on the average number of hosts/metrics reporting throughout the month.
    • Example: if you used 20 APM agents for exactly 15 days (360 hours) of a 30-day month, you would be billed for 10 APM hosts.
  • Billing date: invoice/billing occurs each month on the anniversary (timestamp) that signup occurred.

Annual Plans

Annual plans offer a lower price point in exchange for commitment to a certain amount of Infrastructure and APM host licensing each month for a year. Additional usage is billed incrementally at the monthly rate, so annual plans can be used in conjunction with additional utilization as needed. Contact sales for more information on taking advantage of an annual plan.

Billing FAQs

Cloudwatch EC2 Integration

  • If the EC2 instance has our Host Agent installed, you will be charged the Infrastructure Host price if the same host is not running APM.
  • If the host is running an APM agent, you will be charged the rate for an APM host.
  • All Cloudwatch metrics are charged as custom metrics.
  • The integration imports all EC2 instances by default. However, to turn on filtering you can toggle “[all] / [filter]” in the UI and opt-in the desired instances via the appoptics:import=true tag.

Scaling / Ephemeral Hosts

  • Our pricing adapts to the size of your infrastructure.
    • Example: in a 30-day month, if you ran 100 hosts for 15 days, and then scaled down to 50 hosts for the remaining 15 days of the month, you would be charged for the average (on an hourly basis) which would be 75 hosts.
    • AppOptics does not use a “high water mark” or 99th percentile calculation which, the example above would result in being billed for 100 hosts instead of just 75.
  • A fractional number of average hosts across the month is rounded up to the next host. This rounding happens for each type of host.
    • Example: if you averaged 7.3 APM hosts for the month, your bill will be rounded up to 8 APM hosts.

Monitoring Containers

Containers are not billed separately in AppOptics.

  • If the host machine runs our host agent, AppOptics can associate any data gathered from those containers with the host. It also means that any agents running in the containers would be associated to that single host.
    • Example: a single host has two containers each running an APM agent. If there is no host agent installed, AppOptics sees two APM agents running on separate “hosts” due to container isolation and would bill for 2 APM hosts. Installing the host agent on the Docker host allows AppOptics to understand that the containers are colocated; doing so would result in billing for only a single APM host.
    • If the host agent is running inside a Docker container, it must be allowed correct permissions in order to understand this mapping.
  • There is no charge for the basic host agent metrics; however, turning on the Docker plugin will generate custom metrics about individual container resource consumption. If these metrics exceed the number included in host licenses, you may be billed for incremental metric packs.
  • Custom metrics reporting from containers are treated the same as any custom metric. Those count against the number of metrics allocated to your account.


Pricing as of November 20, 2017, shown in USD. SolarWinds reserves the right to change prices.