AppOptics Pricing

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Full-Stack APM

Comprehensive, end-to-end application performance monitoring tool for your crucial hybrid or cloud-native business applications and their supporting infrastructure.

Cost: $2,999 per year

What is included:

  • Automatic application monitoring—no custom code changes
  • Contextual error analytics
  • Function-level insight
  • Automatic distributed tracing
  • Monitor up to:
    • 10 hosts
    • 100 containers (containers on included hosts)
    • 100 traces per minute (optionally add additional traces for high-traffic websites. Trace Packs are $1,000/year for a - ditional 100 traces per minute.)
    • 2,000 metrics

Note that we track host counts based on the data being submitted during a given hour, not an account-level setting. Metrics which come out-of-the-box from the APM agents are included (not charged) in the Full-Stack APM plan.

A host is an instance of an operating system being observed by one of our APM agents.

Metrics Packs

Monitoring and alerting for infrastructure system metrics, out-of-the-box integrations (including dozens of AWS services like CloudWatch, Ec2, Lambda, and more), and other custom metrics.

Cost: $599 per year

What is included:

  • 1,000 metrics
  • SolarWinds® shared Snap agent
  • System metrics for servers, hosts, and containers
  • 150+ out-of-the-box plugins and integrations
  • Ability to create and submit custom metrics directly to the SolarWinds AppOptics™ API

Metric Packs are great if you want to:

  • Measure custom values: Number of checkouts, cart abandonment, etc.
  • Manage a complex infrastructure: Lots of databases, message queues, Kubernetes, etc.
  • Leverage open-source tools: StatsD, Prometheus, Graphite, etc.

Custom metrics are metrics which could be published by host agent plugins, posted to the REST API, or could be CloudWatch metrics from AWS Services.

  • A custom metric is defined as a metric name + unique set of tags reporting data.
  • Metrics can be published at any resolution and are rolled up according to a standard schedule over time:
    • raw resolution for 2 days
    • 1 minute resolution for 32 days
    • 1 hour resolution for 18 months


Pricing as of May 2019, shown in USD. SolarWinds reserves the right to change prices.