This plugin is currently being groomed to be an integration. It works, but we haven’t spent a lot of time on it yet to optimize the user experience. Feel free to try it out, just keep in mind that we will be enhancing the experience over time.

This plugin is ported from the Telegraf Exec Input Plugin. It runs a script and reads its output. The plugin is able to parse Nagios metrics.


The nagios plugin is included with the AppOptics host agent by default, please follow the directions below to enable it for a host agent instance.


The host agent provides an example configuration file to help you get started quickly. It defines the plugin and task file to be loaded by the agent, but requires you to provide the correct settings for your installation. In this example we are running a check_load command. To enable the plugin:

  1. Make a copy of the exec example configuration file /opt/appoptics/etc/plugins.d/nagios.yaml.example, renaming it to /opt/appoptics/etc/plugins.d/nagios.yaml:
$ sudo cp /opt/appoptics/etc/plugins.d/nagios.yaml.example /opt/appoptics/etc/plugins.d/nagios.yaml
  1. Update the /opt/appoptics/etc/plugins.d/nagios.yaml configuration file with settings specific to your use case, for example:
      ## Commands array
      commands: ["/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_load -w 5,6,7 -c 7,8,9"]

      ## Timeout for each command to complete.
      timeout: "5s"
      ## measurement name suffix (for separating different commands)
      name_suffix: "_mycollector"

      ## Metric name prefix
      # bridge_prefix: "nagios"
      # bridge_prefix: ""

  plugin: snap-plugin-collector-bridge-nagios_exec
  task: task-bridge-nagios_exec.yaml
  1. Restart the host agent:
$ sudo service appoptics-snapteld restart
  1. Enable the Nagios plugin

    When you log in to AppOptics you should see Nagios listed in the Plugin section on the home page. You will also find it on the Integrations Page. Clicking on the widget will open up a window that shows you the list of metrics that the plugin is collecting. Activate the plugin by clicking on the “Enable Plugin” button, then select the metrics you would like to see on a dashboard and click on the “Send Metrics to Dashboard” button.

See more examples in the Telegraf Exec Input Plugin docs.


The collected metrics will be prefixed with nagios.* in AppOptics (or the configured value for bridge_prefix on the plugin configuration).