The AppOptics Host Agent is based on Intel’s Snap Telemetry Framework an open framework designed to simplify the collection, processing and publishing of system data through a single API. The open plugin model allows for quick and easy loading of community, or proprietary plugins into Snap.

We have invested considerable time in optimizing the installation experience for a select number of plugins. For these plugins we curate the metrics we deem most important and create dashboards with what we consider the most appropriate visualization types. Integrations are plugins that have first-class support from AppOptics. These plugins have had their metrics curated and include thoughtfully crafted dashboards (where appropriate).

The Host Agent not only serves as a host for plugins, it is itself also an integration, providing a number of system metrics and a curated dashboard.

The other Integrations we support are:

Beta Integrations

The following plugins are currently being groomed to be integrations. They work, but we don’t create dashboards out of the box yet (where appropriate). Feel free to try them out, just keep in mind that we will be enhancing the experience over time:

Any plugin that works with Snap will work with the AppOptics agent. To learn more about collector plugins please read the Community Plugins article.