Release Notes

Release Date Version Notes
Aug 12, 2019 2.6.4 build 217
  • Fixed issue with possible crash of swisnapd when streaming plugin restarts due to its errors.

  • Updated plugins

    • processes plugin (version 9):

Jul 31, 2019 2.6.3 build 190
  • Sorting output of swisnap plugins/tasks list command

  • Fixes issue with increasing memory usage by swinsnapd when streaming type plugin restarts due to errors.

  • Updated plugins

    • system plugin (version 53):

      • Improved performance
    • mysql plugin (version 22):

      • plugin accepts multiple mysql connection strings and can monitor multiple mysql instances. Refer to mysql plugin documentation for more details.
Jul 10, 2019 2.6.2 build 421
  • Improvements in logging

  • Updated plugins

    • system plugin (version 52):

      • New configuration parameter exclude_disks. Please refer to documentation for more details.
      • Fixes issue with missing metrics for some disk mounts
    • bridge plugins (version 22):

      • Fixes memory leak in sqlserver bridge plugin
Jun 26, 2019 2.6.1 build 408
  • Fixed invalid configuration for logrotate on AmazonLinux

  • Fixed issue with not setting rest_auth_password in config.yaml when secure installation is chosen

  • Updated default timeouts for communication between snap and plugins. Now grpc_timeout and deadline options do not have to be specified in each plugin config

  • Updated plugins

    • psm plugin (version 10):

    • mongodb plugin (version 12):

      • Added new per database statistic metrics
    • processes plugin (version 8):

      • Fixed invalid calucation of processes CPU usage
    • publisher plugin (version 44):

      • Fixed issue when plugin was posting empty metrics
    • docker plugin (version 44):

      • Improved reconnect mechanism to docker event api
Jun 06, 2019 2.6.0 build 398
  • Fixed some linux installer issues
  • Updated plugins
    • kubernetes plugin (version 22):
      • Added k8s events collection and filtering feature. Together with logs collector it’s possible to forward gathered events to Loggly. Please refer to kubernetes plugin documentation for more details.
May 30, 2019 2.5.2 build 393
  • Fixed some configs updating edge-case issues during package upgrade
  • Updated plugins
    • publisher plugin (version 43):
      • Fixed issue with not sending global tags
    • haproxy plugin (version 9):
    • processes plugin (version 4):
      • Fixed default config (no more warnings about it being empty)
May 24, 2019 2.5.1 build 336
  • Support for APPOPTICS_TOKEN environment variable during installation added back
  • Updated plugins
    • processes plugin (version 3):
      • added tagging processes with command line arguments
May 23, 2019 2.5.0 build 324
  • Added option for enabling TLS for Agent REST API
  • Added option for enabling TLS communication between Agent and plugins
  • Implemented TLS communication for autoloaded plugins
  • Improved error logging
  • Added support for Ubuntu 19.04 “disco”
  • Added support for the new AO token format
  • New plugins
    • processes plugin (collector and publisher):
      • collects metrics for processes running on the host. Please refer to plugin processes documentation for more details.
  • Updated plugins
    • system plugin (version 48):
      • added several new default metrics (processes, memory/swap, network). Please refer to metrics documentation for more details.
    • publisher plugin (version 42):
      • fixed API errors handling (no longer retries sending metrics on HTTP 400)
      • skipping empty tags while publishing metrics
      • improved logging
Apr 29, 2019 2.4.2 build 236
  • Changed agent log file permissions to only allow read/write for solarwinds user

  • Agent package contains GPG signature of all binaries shipped with a package. Users are now able to run agent with only trusted (GPG signed) plugins.

  • swisnapd -v command prints agent package version

  • Added support for Ubuntu 18.10

  • Updated plugins

    • haproxy plugin (version 8):

      • fixed issue with invalid default task file preventing plugin from start
Apr 8, 2019 2.4.1 build 223
  • Fixed issue with logrotate on some operating systems.

  • Updated plugins

    • publisher plugin (version 38):

      • fixed issue with sending invalid version of agent package
    • mysql plugin (version 20):

      • fixed issue preventing plugin start due to not found metric.
      • added default tags to mysql plugin metrics: address, database, database version
    • log plugin (version 5):

      • fixed issue with invalid default value for setting max_line_length
Mar 27, 2019 2.4.0 build 215
  • Fixed issue with invalid user permissions for logrotate SolarWinds Snap Agent default configuration. It prevented rotating swinsapd.log.

  • New plugins

    • memcached plugin (version 3):

  • Updated plugins

    • elasticsearch plugin (version 13):

      • Fixed issue with some metrics not updating properly.
Mar 7, 2019 2.3.0 build 208
  • Renamed package name from appoptics-snaptel to solarwinds-snap-agent. Please refer to installation, configuration and upgrade instructions for more details.
  • Snap (version 2.2.0):
    • Fixes issue with not restarting streaming plugins when they stop on error.
    • Fixes issue with standard collectors reaching maximum grpc message size. Now standard collectors can send any number of metrics.
    • Removed Tribe beta feature support.
  • New plugins
    • log plugin (version 4):
      • New plugin that enables integration of the SolarWinds Snap Agent with Loggly or PaperTrail.. It allows for monitoring and filtering of selected by the user log files and sending them to SolarWinds log management services. Please refer to logs plugin documentation for more details.
  • haproxy plugin (version 7):
  • Updated plugins
    • docker plugin (version 43):
      • Limitted number of blkio metrics reported by default. Now only total blkio metrics are reported.
    • plugins with minor stability improvements:
      • apache plugin (version 20)
      • bridge plugins (version 18)
      • elasticsearch plugin (version 11)
      • iis plugin (version 4)
      • kubernetes plugin (version 21)
      • mesos plugin (version 11)
      • mongodb plugin (version 11)
      • mysql plugin (Version 19)
      • psm plugin (version 7)
      • system plugin (version 42)
      • rabbitmq plugin (version 17)
      • publisher plugin (version 37)
      • publisher file plugin (version 14)
Jan 31, 2019 2.2.1 build 143
  • Fixes issue with not setting AppOptics url when AppOptics token is not set while installing with package manager.

  • Updated plugins

    • docker plugin (version 41):

      • Fixes corrupted config file template preventing plugin from start.
    • mongoDb plugin (version 10):

      • Renamed plugin config file template.
    • rabbitmq plugin (version 16):

      • Client management hosts discovery is now done based on /api/overview
Jan 16, 2019 2.2.0 build 124
  • Updated plugins

    • bridge plugins (version 17):

      • This version introduces many stability improvements for all of bridge plugins.
Dec 17, 2018 2.1.0 build 98
  • New plugins

    • iis plugin (version 3):

      • New plugin for monitoring Microsoft IIS. Please refer to plugin IIS documentation for more details.
  • Updated plugins

    • rabbitmq plugin (version 15):

      • This version introduces new implementation of a plugin, which is now streaming type.
      • Fixes issue with grpc message sizes seen in larger rabbitmq environment
      • Please refer to plugin documentation for more details.
    • elasticsearch plugin (version 10):

      • Stability fixes.
      • Changes in default metric tags. Added elasticsearch version and node name.
      • Updated default set of metrics in task file. Some metrics are no longer handled.
      • Added timeout option for connection elasticsearch API in config file.
    • statsd plugin (version 12):

      • Added support for Librato tagging syntax.
    • publisher plugin (version 36):

      • Fixed issue when plugin hang if docker was unresponsive.
    • mysql plugin (version 18):

      • Update exemplary config file.
    • docker plugin (version 40):

      • Fixed issue with sending NaN for docker.memory.usage.usage_percent and docker.cpu.usage.usage_percent metrics on plugin start.
Oct 15, 2018 2.0.0 build 1919
  • Added support for CloudLinux OS.

  • Fixes issue with watch_task API method not showing gathered metrics for streaming collectors.

  • Improved logging.

  • Fixes issues with collecting metrics when using streaming collectors. Metrics were send with delay.

  • Fixes issue with installing host agent on CentOS 6.7.

  • Updated plugins

    • publisher plugin (version 35):

      • Fixes issues with collecting EC2 (OpenStack) metadata information causing duplication of hosts in Appoptics. Introduced ec2_check_timeout setting with default value 1s.
    • system plugin (version 39):

      • Added disk bytes metrics to default task file.
    • kubernetes plugin (version 18):

      • Added automatic conversion of kubernetes labels to metrics tags.
    • docker plugin (version 38):

      • Stability fixes.
    • apache plugin (version 17):

      • Added support for monitoring multiple webservers. See documentation and example config/task files for more details.
    • mysql plugin (version 16):

      • Fixes authentication issue when connecting MySQL 8.
      • InnoDB metrics are now disabled by default.
    • mongodb plugin (version 8):

      • New refactored mongodb plugin. Please refer to plugin documentation and example config/task files for more details.
    • elasticsearch plugin (version 8):

      • New elasticsearch plugin. Please refer to plugin documentation and example config/task files for more details.
Aug 16, 2018 2.0.0 build 1849
  • Added support for RedHat 7.4 and Ubuntu 18.04

  • Fixes issue with not adding all tags to metrics for streaming collectors

  • Updated plugins

    • publisher plugin (version 33):

      • Fixes various issues causing duplication of hosts in AppOptics
    • system plugin (version 36):

      • Fixes issue where reported disk space was different from i.e. df command output
    • docker plugin (version 35):

      • Stability improvements
      • Fixes issue with missing tags defined in task file
      • Fixes issue with image_name, which was shown as image hash
    • kubernetes plugin (version 16):

      • This version introduces new implementation of kubernetes plugin, which is now streaming type. Comparing to previous version, it introduces better stability and performance.
      • Fixes issue with grpc message sizes too large
    • bridge plugins (version 9):

      • Fixes issue with not recognized grpc_timeout configuration parameter
Jul 9, 2018 2.0.0 build 1814
  • Improved plugin autoload functionality and related issues with upgrading.

  • Improved last_failure_message shown with snaptel task list. Now it includes name of plugin that reported error.

  • Updated plugins

    • publisher plugin (version 30):

      • Improved EC2 instance check logic.
      • Fixes issue with sending wrong version of agent in metadata
      • Global root tags from config.yml are now send in metadata
    • docker plugin (version 32):

      • This version introduces new implementation of docker plugin, which is now streaming type. Comparing to previous version, it introduces better stability and performance.
      • Fixes issue with grpc message sizes seen in larger docker environment
      • Fixes issue with timeouts when gathering CPU statistics in larger docker environment
      • More metrics are now directly gathered from Docker API instead of filesystem.
      • Changes in default docker task file. New version by default sends only total metrics for network interfaces. Please refer to task-aodocker.yaml.
Apr 23, 2018 2.0.0 build 1736
  • Updated plugins:

    • publisher plugin (version 25):

      • AO-7276: moved x-host information to JSON body
Apr 11, 2018 2.0.0 build 1729
  • Reduce package size using xz compression.

  • Added the grpc_timeout plugin configuration, which can be used along with a task’s deadline configuration to increase the time allowed for collection or publishing.

  • Installer script (version 1.0.1) comes with --allow-unsupported flag that allows installation of unsupported versions of a supported platform.

  • Fixes for yum lock issues during installation on CentOS and Amazon Linux platforms.

  • Updated plugins:

    • docker plugin (version 24):

      • Improved performance for collection of metrics.
      • Added deadline of 60s to task file to allow collection of more metrics.
      • Fixes issues with docker mounting points when running on ECS instances.
      • Fixes issues with incorrect memory usage calculations.
    • system plugin (version 35):

      • Continue to collect disk usage metrics when some paths are not accessible.
    • publisher plugin (version 23):

      • Split large batches into smaller batches when number of metrics is greater than 1000 measurements.
      • Retry 3 times when getting errors from collector endpoint.
Mar 20, 2018 2.0.0 build 1639
  • Improved shutdown process by terminating unresponsive plugins.
  • Support for publishing metrics using a HTTP/SOCKS5 proxy.
  • Reduced noise in the log file at info level.
  • Allow longer running tasks by increasing the default value of the deadline timeout from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Integrated plugins:
    • rabbitmq plugin (version 11)
  • Updated plugins:
    • system plugin (version 32) no longer provides CPU total tag
    • docker plugin (version 20) report CPU and memory use percentage metrics
Feb 21, 2018 2.0.0 build 1475
  • Improved plugin unloading process to allow enough time for plugins to cleanup resources when plugin process exits. When plugin fails to exit and cleanup resources in 3 seconds, the plugin process is terminated.
  • Improved the speed for loading plugins, eliminated issues with user access rights required to load a plugin from a temporary location and with writing to a read only temp partition. New temp_dir_enable configuration variable sets whether the host agent starts plugins from temporary location indicated by temp_dir_path configuration variable. Default value is false, so plugins are not loaded from temp_dir_path directory.
  • Changed default value for plugin_default_timeout configuration variable from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Improved log formatting by setting log_format configuration variable to text.
  • Increased the number of consecutive health check failures that trigger a plugin failure to 10. A plugin is declared unresponsive and restarted when it fails for more than 10 consecutive times to respond to health checks.
  • Changed default value for max_plugin_restarts plugin configuration variable to -1. Host agent will not disable a plugin due to failures.
  • Changed default value for max-failures task configuration variable to -1. Host agent will not disable a task due to failures.
Feb 16, 2018 2.0.0 build 1467
  • Updated plugins:
    • kubernetes plugin (version 10) which fixes loading issue
    • system plugin (version 29) with improved reporting for disk IO when device is mounted by UUID
Nov 20, 2017 2.0.0 build 1318
  • Support Amazon Linux 2017.09, Debian 9 and Ubuntu 17.04
  • Integrated plugins:
    • apache
    • docker
    • kubernetes
    • mesos
    • mysql
    • nginx
  • Many additional beta plugins
  • Better logging
Nov 02, 2017 2.0.0 build 1164
  • More reliable service managment
  • Ability to enable/disable plugins via single yaml config file