Community Plugin Catalog

This article shows a list of Snap collector plugins provided by the community. To see the most recent list, please visit the Plugin Catalog When you add a community plugin to the Host Agent, the community plugin will appear on your Integrations view. Enable the community plugin to start collecting the metrics (collected metrics will also be accessible via metrics list) and easily create your own dashboard.


For some plugins we have created Integrations where we curate metrics from the plugin and create dashboards on your behalf.

To learn how to install and run community plugins, please refer to Community Plugins guideline


Not all community plugins have been tested with AppOptics and may have compatibility issues

Name Maintainer Description
Activedirectory Intel Collects Windows Active Directory metrics
Apache Intel Collects Apache webserver mod_status metrics
Cassandra Intel Collects Cassandra cluster statistics
CEPH Intel Collects OpenStack CEPH module metrics
Cgroups Intel Snap plugin for collecting cgroups metrics using libcontainer library for cgroup statistics
Cinder Intel Collects OpenStack Cinder module metrics
Couchbase Staples Inc Collects Bucket Stats from the CouchBase API using SNAP
CPU Intel Collects SQL database metrics using GO’s ‘SQL’ package
Df Intel Collects Linux disk space metrics from ‘df’
Diamond Intel Wrapper to gather telemetry data from Diamond plugins
Disk Intel Collects Linux disk metrics from /proc/diskstats
Docker Intel Collects Elasticsearch cluster and nodes statistics
Entropy janczer Collects Linux avaliable entropy from /proc/sys/kernel/random entropy_avail
Etcd Intel Collects etcd metrics from /metrics endpoint
Ethtool Intel Collect ethtool interface statistics
Exec Intel snap plugin for collecting outputs of executable files
Facter Intel Collects system information via Facter
Glance Intel Collects OpenStack Glance metrics
HAproxy Intel Collects HAProxy performance metrics
InfluxDB Intel Collects InfluxDB internal monitoring metrics
Influxdb-data Intel Snap plugin intended to receive data previously saved in InfluxDB
Intel-dcm-platform Intel Collects metrics (power, thermal, health, inventory) from different OEM and ODM vendors’ platforms through IPMI and IPMI OEM extensions, such as Node Manager, DCMI, or IPMI SDR
Intel-nvdimm Intel Non-Volatile DIMM Collector for Snap
Interface Intel Collects network interface metrics from /proc/interface
IOstat Intel Collects Linux iostat metrics
Keystone Intel Collects OpenStack Keystone module metrics
Kubestate grafana Snap collector plugin for Kubernetes
Libvirt Intel Collects Linux libvirt metrics
Load Intel Collects Linux load average from /proc/loadavg
Logs Intel Collects log messages
Memcache raintank Memcach stat collector plugin for Snap
Meminfo Intel Collects statistics and metrics information about MongoDB
MySQL Intel Collects MySQL database metrics
Netstat Staples Inc Collect TCP connection metrics for the snap telemetry framework
Neutron Intel Collects OpenStack Neutron module metrics
NewRelic Inteleon Collect metrics from New Relic
Nfsclient Intel Collects NFS client metrics
Nginx Staples Inc Collect nginx metrics from the status endpoint
Node-manager Intel Collects Intel Node Manager performance metrics
Nova Intel Collects OpenStack Nova module metrics
Openfoam Intel Collects OpenFOAM performance metrics
OSv Intel Collects osv performance metrics
PCM Intel Collects Intel Performance Counter Metrics (PCM)
Perfevents Intel Collects Linux cgroups perf metrics
Perfmon Intel Collects Windows Perfmon metrics
Ping raintank A collector for icmp latency and packet loss
Processes Intel Collects Linux process metrics from /proc/processes
Procnum raintank No description available
Procstat Staples Inc Collect process metrics using the snap telemetry framework
PSUtil Intel Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) leveraging the pySMART library
RabbitMQ Intel Collects RabbitMQ metrics from management API
RDT Intel RDT Collector for Snap
Scaleio Intel Collects ScaleIO performance metrics
Schedstat Intel Collects Linux scheduler metrics from /proc/schedstats
Scsi Intel Collects Linux SCSI statistics
Sessioninfo IrekRomaniuk Collects Paloalto firewall session info
Smart Intel Collects Intel SSDs S.M.A.R.T. metrics
Snapstats raintank Snap collector for snap task metrics to be able to monitor Snap
SNMP Intel Collects Linux swap metrics from /proc
Syslog OpsVision Collects syslog events
Tcpconns raintank No description available
USE Intel Collect Linux Utilization, Saturation and Errors metrics
Users Intel Collects Linux user metrics from utmp
Yarn Intel Collects metrics from Hadoop Yarn