APM and Distributed Tracing

AppOptics provides agents that automatically monitor applications, generating both metrics about the applications’ performance (APM) and also detailed distributed transaction traces (tracing).

The APM metrics cover key performance indicators like latency (request duration, percentiles, etc), error rate, per-host and per-transaction metrics, etc.

Distributed tracing follows the path of requests through your entire application, across RPC calls, through queues, and more.

Supported platforms

We support a variety of languages and libraries out of the box.

Install instrumentation

Trace data is pushed from your application, to AppOptics via our different language agents. Nearly all of our language instrumentation is available as a library or module. In any case, all of the required AppOptics code is already baked in, which means that you can get standard tracing up and running with just a few changes to your application environment.